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A Little Quick Massage to Relieve Stress

I have this little quick massage routine exercise to relieve stress that I really never appreciated much until I read something almost like it in some website a few days ago. I discovered it years ago after a little quick massage session my wife gave me. My wife immediately recognizes when I am really stressed when I get home from work. Once I flop into bed, she would give me a whole body massage that is so completely relaxing. Everyone who’s had a massage knows this. I’d find the body stress melting away as my mind relaxes along too, giving the silent suggestion to go to sleep. Sleeping off at this stage will relieve stress further and allow recharging and fill the space vacated by the drained stress with new life enhancing energy. On one instance like this, she happened to be very busy with some cooking in preparation for a community party. Instead of doing a whole body massage, she just did a quick massage on my face, starting with my eye areas. It is here that I discovered that a quick massage on this area alone relaxes me almost as much as a whole body massage does.quick-massage1

A few sessions of self-massage experimentation provided me with the following steps to relieve stress and get relaxed really quickly. I can do this even when I am at work in front of the computer monitor, or even when I am on a bus beside another passsenger. You can actually do this quick massage anywhere, anytime. It never fails to relax me and it peels away layers of stress that oftentimes I was not aware was there.

  1. First, I rub both palms against each other until I generate heat.
  2. Then I gently place the base (the meaty portions) of my palms against my eyeballs, the fingers against my forehead. I keep this position for a few seconds as I let the warmth penetrate through.
  3. Then with a very small up and down motion, I slowly move my hands sideward so that the skin muscles below the eyes and the outer sides of the eyes get stretched a bit. At this point, without intending to, I usually automatically let out what feels like a sigh of relief. A deep in-breath and an exhale that seems to bring out with it all the stress I have. Sometimes I intentionally do the first deep in-breath and the exhale follows and I don’t even need to visuallize stress flowing out of me. It just feels like all the stress within are indeed flowing out. I can repeat this as many times as I want, all the time taking deep breaths. Sometimes I don’t even need to go further to steps 4 to 8 anymore. I feel like this step is the heart of the quick massage routine.
  4. Getting back to the original position in step 2, I then gently stretch the skin muscles below my eyes downward. Keep making deep breaths.
  5. The base of the palms are now on the eyebrows. I stretch the muscles above the eyes upward to relieve stress in that area.
  6. With my forefingers, I push down on the hollows on the inner sides of both eyes right on the base of the nose bridge. Move the fingers upward to stretch this part.
  7. I use the tips of the fingers this time to do steps 4, 3 and 5.
  8. I wrap it up by using my fingers to brush my hair repeatedly. All the time that I’m doing this whole quick massage exercise, I am doing deep breathing.

One website I stumbled on calls steps 1and 2 a ‘palming exercise’. It even elaborated further by suggesting to imagine the heat moving from your palms into the eyes and moving further into the brain. My quick massage routine focuses on physical relaxation with the deep breathing as its key ingredient to relieve stress.. Adding visualization brings it deeper by one level I suppose.

You couldĀ  tweak this quick massage technique by experimenting with some other movement or twist that works best for you. Some of these things are highly individual. The ones I outlined above works wonderfully for me.

[ A Little Quick Massage to Relieve Stress ]

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