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Binaural-Isochronic Combination Maximizes Brainwave Entrainment

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Brainwave entrainment is the key for the human brain evolution to move forward again. It has been said by researchers and other experts in this field of study that the regular use of this technology as a meditative tool leads to numerous benefits to the human mind and body, one of which being the increase of brain capacity from its present stagnant position at 10% to much, much higher levels. And the technology has just received another boost when it was discovered that a binaural-isochronic combination maximizes brainwave entrainment. Heretofore, a sound file was either created using binaural tones alone or isochronic beats alone.

The Binaural Tone in Binaural-Isochronic

This tone is a stereo sound consisting of a tone in one channel (left speaker) and another tone slightly above or below the former tone’s frequency in the other channel (right speaker). When listened to with headphones, the clash of these two tones creates a third tone or beat which is heard inside the head and this is what is called the binaural tone or beat.

The Isochronic Tone in Binaural-Isochronic

This is a mono representation of the binaural tone. The sounds in each channel are one and the same and the beats are obvious as opposed to that of the binaural tone which is only perceived by the brain through its interpretation of the mesh of two separate tones.

A brainwave entrainment file, usually ranging in length from 20 minutes to an hour, brings about the synchronization of the brain waves in the two hemispheres. This synchronization is like putting a big glass lens before the sun’s rays and focussing the light into a laser like point of energy. A regular practice of brainwave synchronization will eventually lead to a mind that has more focus, more utilization of more brain cells, quicker uptake and processing. Definitely a big leap in brain evolution. And the effects on the body parallels those of people who enjoy peace of mind at all times. Now, this is brought about by the mere use of either one of the two aforementioned types of tones alone. What do you think will happen with a binaural-isochronic combination?

A binaural-isochronic combination creates an assault on both sides in which the brain has no alternative but to give in to the assailant’s intent. This combination thus effects a faster and maximum brainwave entrainment. Technology has now brought the benefits of meditation to all types of people; benefits which heretofore were enjoyed only by those who have the time and resolve to sit for hours, sometimes in utterly uncomfortable postures and positions. Now, man’s brain evolution can move forward in a massive scale. The binaural-isochronic combination in brainwave entrainment is the royal way.


As some sort of resource information, there’s this Brain Juicer page which is actually a sales page for their product. But, the page contains lots of information about isochronic brainwave entrainment from which you can learn a lot.

[ Binaural-Isochronic Combination Maximizes Brainwave Entrainment ]

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