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How to Create Binaural Brainwave Entrainment Files with BWGen

In the previous articles, we have created brainwave entrainment files using C00L Edit. This time, we’ll learn How to Create Binaural Brainwave Entrainment Files with BWGen. Although we can create isochronic beats with BWGen, it is more famous for its use in creating binaural tones or beats. To refresh yourself on the concept of binaural tones, please check back to this site’s introductory articles.



  • Computer and soundcard.
  • Suitable Headphones.


  • BWGen

There are other software out there that can do the same thing as BWGen (e.g. sBaGen).

Using BWGen (binaural tones):

BWGen comes with built in presets for a wide range of uses. Usually, as a beginner, these are enough for your purposes. However, as your knowledge of brainwave entrainment widens, you eventually would want to experiment with other frequencies and combinations of frequencies which may not be covered yet among the built in presets.


For learning purposes, let us try to replicate how the BUILTIN: Meditation 1(basic) preset was made. This happens to be the simplest preset among the built ins. So, with BWGen open, let’s proceed.

  1. In the menu bar, click Presets > New Preset. Or, you can just key in CTRL-N.
  2. The Preset Options dialog box appears. In the ‘Name’ textbox, type ‘mypreset_7hZ’ or something more descriptive.
  3. Description: In this textbox, type the details of your preset and what it is meant to accomplish. This is optional of course.
  4. Background: This adds color to your preset. Choose from among the selection your prefered background sound. Again, this is optional.
  5. Segments: A 10 minute segment is added by default for you. You may edit this in the right side of the Segments box.
    • ID: Single character identifier for this particular segment. The next segment should thus be named B. So, leave the default A be.
    • Length: The length of the preset in minutes. You change this one as you wish.
    • Repeat: Putting a value of 2 tells BWGen to repeat this segment twice before proceeding to the next segment, if any.
  6. Voices: In a segment, you may have one or more binaural tone sets. for this example, let’s just use 1 binaural tone set. I say set because to produce a binaural tone of 7 hZ, you actually have 2 different tones differing by 7hZ.
  7. Continue playing after the end of all segments. Checking this means your preset will play forever even after the last segment was played. So, uncheck this so that BWGen will stop playing at the end of your preset.
  8. Now, let’s proceed to the next tab. At the top of the current dialog box, click on the ‘Sound’ tab.
    • Binaural Beat Frequency: Notice a line with boxes along its length. One on each end and one in the middle. Right click on the first one and choose Edit. The Sweep Parameters dialog box appears.
      • Binaural Beat Frequency: Type 7 on both text boxes, or simply check the Constant checkbox. This means we want a constant binaural during the whole segment.
      • Leave the other parameters as they are for now. Click OK.
    • Right click on the rightmost box and do the same procedures you did as the first.
    • If there is a box at the middle of the line, right click on it and choose Delete.
    • For now, leave the other parameters as they are.
    • bwgenpreset1

  9. Go back to the ‘General’ tab. Click on the ‘Test Preset (Play)’ button. This is what your preset will sound like.
  10. Click OK.

You have just created your first BWGen preset.

Listen to a 1-minute sample of a binaural tone:


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*BWGen or Brainwave Generator is a graphical software that generates binaural tones according to your choice of carrier frequencies. Visit and download the software at http://www.bwgen.com

[ How to Create Binaural Brainwave Entrainment Files with BWGen ]

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