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How to Create Brainwave Entrainment Files Using CoolEdit’s Synchronizer

The first part of this series focused on how to make a brainwave entrainment file with binaural tones using Cool Edit. In this article, let us now learn how to create brainwave entrainment files using cooledit’s synchronizer feature.



  • Computer, with a soundcard.
  • Speakers (external speakers or headphones) connected to the computer.


  • CoolEdit (now Audition)

There are other software related to the above-cited ones, like SoundForge, etc. You can use them if you have them instead of the one listed above.

Using C00L EDIT (brainwave synchronizer):

For more information regarding the ‘brainwave synchronizer’ feature of Cool Edit, you may refer to CE’s help files on the subject.

The following are the basic steps necessary to make a brainwave entrainment file with Cool Edit’s brainwave synchronizer.

  1. Find a sound file that you find pleasing to listen to. Classical music will do but be aware that the output after the ‘brainwave synchronizer’ process will not sound as good as before. The sound file will become sort of choppy or wavy. One of the sound files I used in one of my experiments was one where there was a mixture of wailing of whales, sea waves, water trickling every now and then, some soft flute in the background, and other complimentary sounds. Make sure that the whole sound file has no silent portions within, and that the soundfile has more or less the same volume throughout. And since a brainwave entrainment file should be at least 15 to 20 minutes long, you need to process your file so that it is 15 to 20 minutes long too.
  2. With Cool Edit open, Click on File > Open… and browse to your chosen file.
  3. Select the whole file by double-clicking on the middle horizontal line on the wave display window.
  4. Click on Effects menu > Special > Brainwave Synchronizer…
  5. The resulting dialog box presents you with two (2) main settings you can tweak with – Low Settings and High Settings. If, say, you want your 20-minute file to ramp from 14 hz down to 7.83hZ, then back up to 15hZ, you would thus set the Frequency at 7.83 in the ‘Low Settings’ box, and 15hZ in the ‘High Settings’ box. (see illustration below)
  6. brainwavesynchronizer

  7. For this example, just leave all the other settings at their default values. You may experiment later by adjusting these settings and checking how it fares with you.

You have just created a 20-minute brainwave entrainment file using Cool Edit’s ‘brainwave synchronizer’.

As with most things, some people find this type of file more entraining while some say the binaural type works best for them.

Listen to a 1-minute sample of CoolEdit Synchronizer file:



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