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Odd Tip: How To Stop a Sneeze

A sneeze occurs when an irritant in the nose causes the sensors in the nose to send a message to the sneeze control center in the brain for action to remove the irritation. The brain then immediately sends a command to all organs responsible for a successful sneeze including the abdominal muscles, the chest muscles, etc. It even commands the eyes to close for a moment while the sneeze explodes.

A sneeze is a sign of forthcoming colds. When you have to sneeze, you ought to release it and sneeze it out. There are times however when a sneeze is out of place e.g., when you are in church, when you are in a company of other people and you have no hanky within reach, etc. You need to stifle a sneeze while it is still in its early stages, that is, even before it starts to blow. Stifling it anytime later would be unhealthy as the pressure would not be comfortable for the other neighboring organs. Here’s a proven and really effective method that is based on accupressure. Try it as soon as you notice the early signs of an oncoming sneeze. You’ll be surprised how effective it is.


Notice that part of your face between the nose and the mouth? It’s called the ‘philtrum’. The two ridges are called the philtral columns and the groove is called the philtral dimple. Physignomists (Physignomy = face reading) has this to say about the philtrum. If it is long, deep and clearly marked, it implies strong vitality and healthy energy levels . Philtrums which are not very pronounced sometimes characterize low levels of life force energy.

Alright, here’s how to stop a sneeze before it blows up. With your hand or fist under your chin, extend your index finger or thumb, whichever feels more comfortable for you, and press down on the philtral dimple. Put just enough pressure such that you can feel the contour of the teeth or gum underneath. Again, this has to be done as soon as you feel a forthcoming sneeze, not later. Keep pressing until the symptoms of the sneeze disappear.

[ Odd Tip: How To Stop a Sneeze ]

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