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Odd Tip: Visualization Trick

In my meditation community, we have exercises that mostly make us focus on the third eye. I find myself to be more of a tactile person than a visual one. Thus when it comes to visualization exercises during meditation I get more sensations than visuals. When we are supposed to visualize a ball of light on our third eye, I do imagine it there but I tend to imagine more the feeling of (than seeing) a ball of light attached there and blazing bright.

I know I’m doing it right when I feel a pressure in the area concerned. Since, like I said, visualization is not my forte, I sometimes find it hard to initiate the sensations on my forehead at the beginning of the meditation exercise. So I deviced a trick to initiate the sensations of pressure on the third eye area by imagining a pencil embedded there, one end extending about an inch inside and the rest extending outward. Then I imagine a piece of paper out front near enough to touch the tip of the pencil. Then I start to move my head slightly as I imagine I am writing on it. I write the numbers 1 to 9. Then I repeatedly write the number 8. Usually, by the time I reach number 7, the sensation of pressure begins. Repetition of the number 8 makes it more pronounced.

When the sensation is considerable enough, I let go of the pencil and begin visualization and the rest of the meditation exercises. I sometimes use this same trick for the crown area. I can quickly initiate the prickly sensations up there with this. Then focusing on these specific areas become easier. The pressure sensation aid me a lot in my visualization skills.

(Note: This can be extended into focusing inside (the middle of the) head. This is also reminiscent of Slade’s technique of tickling the amygdala with a feather.)

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[ Odd Tip: Visualization Trick ]

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