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Recommended Products

The Sleep Sound Program

Insomnia is like a blood-sucking leech that slowly drains you of your life force. Lack of sleep has negative effects, both evident and non-evident.howtosleep2

– Intellectual performance plummets
– Slower reaction time
– Raised heart rate and blood pressure
– A pre-diabetic condition a.k.a Insulin resistance develops
– Non-obvious shortening of life span

Isochronic brainwave entrainment is the final natural cure for insomnia. Don’t settle for drugs that build up toxins in your system and doesn’t give you the beneficial effects of natural sleep. Know more about this product that’s so effective its makers are offering you a 90-day risk free trial.

Brain Evolution

This is a product that is so well-structured that you are sure to get the benefits it promises. With a two-month trial period, you can’t lose. Just follow the instructions and listen to the cd specified each day. After 2 months, look back and be amazed.
I have written about how the combination of binaural and isochronic tones make for an awesome outcome. The dual internal-external attack on the mind, where it has no choice but to give in and follow the frequences, is simply awesome. Now, here’s a product which makes use of that scientific fact. What’s more, it even added a third factor into the equation. ‘Time stretching’ is the third point referred to in the 3-point DEAP technique it is actively using. Cost-wise, it is a lot less expensive than the out-dated products of Holosync or Monroe Institute.

Know more about this amazing technology here.