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Right-Left Brain Hemisphere: Spinning Lady

If you haven’t seen this before, this should be very interesting to you.

Check out the spinning lady below. Is it spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise?


How you see it spinning is supposed to tell you if you are a right or left brain hemisphere type of person.

Clockwise spin

Right-brain hemisphere dominant

  • emotional
  • images
  • arts
  • acts on hunches
  • etc.
Counterclockwise spin

Left-brain hemisphere dominant

  • logical
  • language
  • mathematics
  • acts on facts
  • etc.

Personally, the default spin I noticed is clockwise, which is not suprising because I always thought of myself as a right-brain hemisphere dominant person. I love aesthetics, the arts, music, although I’m not bad at algebra and logic either.

On experimentation, I noticed I can change the spin at will using a few tricks. I change the spin to counter-clockwise by staring for a while at the upper-rightmost corner of the picture. If this does not work, I look at the upper-rightmost corner and quickly slide my gaze downwards to the bottom-rightmost corner, then stay there until I’ve fixed the spinning. Focusing on the feet usually brings back the clockwise spin.

[ Right-Left Brain Hemisphere: Spinning Lady ]

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