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Subconscious: The Subconscious Mind Power Simplified

Subconscious mind power is one power that is accessible to everyone you may fear “what if it falls in the wrong hands“? Know better what it is and how you can put it to proper use.

What is the subconscious?

The mind has 3 parts. They are:

  • The Conscious – this is the regular mind that we are generally familiar with. This the mind that controls our voluntary actions like moving the mouse and clicking on a link. If you are familiar with mind state classifications, this is the ‘beta’ mind. This is the mind that thinks.
develop subconscious mind power
  • The Subconscious – This is the mind that allows us to function on a lot of levels without the need to consciously think of doing them. This is the mind that allows one to walk normally while talking unto a cellphone or to continue breathing even while asleep; the mind that controls autonomic and non-voluntary actions. Subconscious mind power, by virtue of this alone is already amazing. The subconscious is the mind that is accessed in the alpha/theta/delta stages. It follows and executes the commands of the conscious mind, the commands usually being in the form of images and emotions. It executes the commands without any moral filter. That is, whether the outcome be good or bad, it executes without question. This is the basis for subconscious mind power. The subconscious is also the bridge between the conscious and the superconscious minds.
  • The Superconscious – This mind is given many names. It is called the universal mind, the unconscious mind, the God mind, the infinite intelligence. It is the one mind which knows everything and to which all minds are connected. It is the ‘nuclear reactor’ of the subconscious mind power.

Subconscious mind power

As defined above, the subconscious mind executes the commands of the conscious mind without question. It attracts the things and conditions or situations that are desired by the conscious mind. It is a magnet that attracts circumstances that resonate or vibrate with the beliefs embedded in itself by the conscious mind. This subconscious mind power is the heart of the much publicized law of attraction. It is so efficient in its function Napoleon Hill was lead to declare “what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

Thus, subconscious mind power is limited only by what one can believe is achievable.

Bob Proctor, one of the proponents of the Law of Attraction, begins by asking “What do you really want?“. Common responses to this question are the following:

  • Realize your dream love life
  • Succeed in Career and Business
  • Improve Your Finances
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Eliminate the habit of worrying
  • Release Negative Feelings
  • Develop Self Confidence
  • Enjoy the best of good Health
  • Boost Your Creativity
  • Create or Improve Relationships
  • Create conditions or situations you desire
  • Take Control of Your Life

Psychologists and sociologists would sum the desires of the average man into 4 major areas. The average person wants to enjoy:

“Money is usually attracted, not pursued.”Jim Rohn
  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Love
  • Being in control / Peace of mind

But the pursuit of these things can still be summed up into one ultimate goal:

And all these are achievable through the proper use of subconscious mind power.

Common methods for the proper use of subconscious mind power

These methods have been laid out before and appear in almost all records that has anything to do with subconscious mind power. Desires can be manifested by using the following tools:

  • visualization
  • emotion
  • affirmation
  • action

Visualizing or imagining a desired outcome coupled with the appropriate emotion is a step towards manifesting it. Persevering to repeat this multiple times leads to finally achieving it. This also holds true for the affirmation technique. Note that an affirmation normally means a word or a phrase that is meant to be repeated over and over until the desire is achieved. The repetition of a visualization/emotion set is also an affirmation, a wordless form of affirmation. A worded form of affirmation, by the way, is worthless when no emotion, or effort to believe, is attached to it.

Silva is world re-knowned because their system takes you beyond the basics of subconscious mind power. They’ll get you there quickly.”

These techniques are most effective when done while in a state below normal waking consciousness. Experts call the the normal waking state the beta state. States below this are the alpha, theta and delta states – the states of light relaxation down to deep sleep. In these states, the practice of visualization/affirmation is sometimes referred as self-hypnosis. And subconscious mind power is evoked a lot easier and responds quicker at these levels of mind.

Finally, one has to take the steps or actions that will lead to the achievement of one’s goals. The steps are either already known or are communicated by the subconscious in the form of a hunch or an urge. The attitude of expecting progress in one’s affirmation work is a very effective way of invoking these hunches or urges.

Impediments to the proper use of subconscious mind power

So, why am I still not manifesting my dream car?

  • Inability to persevere – Most of us seek instant gratification. We try the affirmation techniques, but after three days of trying we give up because we think it is not working inasmuch as we are not seeing the results. We conclude immediately that subconscious mind power is a haux. One young man who desired to reunite with his girlfriend who is working in another continent had to work on his daily affirmations for 9 months before it was achieved. A lady who desired to find the buyer for her property who will take her rather expensive price needed only 2 weeks of affirmation exercises.
  • Negative and limiting beliefs – We have, through the years, accumulated some unhelpful beliefs, thanks to multimedia technology (e.g. tv news & commercials, print ads, the internet). People surrounding us have also influenced us to a large extent by allowing the osmosis of their own beliefs into our minds. The weird thing about all these is that there are a lot of unhelpful beliefs that we ourselves are not very much aware of. Thus, the removal or countering of these unhelpful, limiting beliefs, whether we are aware or not, is of utmost priority before we can expect any subconscious mind power work to quickly succeed.
  • Law of karma – It is the great equalizer. Nothing is really free. Whatever you have right now is something you earned and deserved, or will pay later. Affirming and visualizing about something and taking action towards getting it, and persevering on it, will without doubt lead you to eventually get it. A thief who stole a million dollars will one day (in this or another lifetime) loss a million dollars. In a particular lifetime, he visualizes, emotes, affirms and takes action for prosperity. With a clean slate, he might have achieved this in a short time. But since he has a debt to pay, the effort to visualize and affirm may be considered a form of payment. The positive energy he generated may have been diverted to the party he stole from before. Until he has paid in full, he will not get much result for himself for his efforts. Of course, this model is oversimplified. The law of karma may be a lot more complicated than this. How else do you explain a poor person who suddenly wins hugely in a lottery, enjoys squandering for a few months, then goes back to begging after all his money are gone? Or, how do you explain the condition of one who was born deformed and miserable? One’s karma debts are paid much like the way one’s bank loans are paid. One either dutifully pays it according to the set amortization schedule, or the bank enforces it’s collection through court approved foreclosure at a set time. In the same way, a person who owes no debt can enjoy all his money now or deposit some of it into his bank account for his future enjoyment.


Subconscious mind power is real, whether you believe it or not, much like gravity is real and enforced, whether you are aware of it or not. Knowing its enormous power, we must from now on be careful what we feed it. Worrying over anything for longer than necessary will feed it those ideas and it will dutifully bring more of it to you. If you must solve a problem that’s causing you misery, try to dissociate or detach the feelings from it and solve it objectively. After all, worrying and feeling miserable doesn’t help you solve it. It makes it even worse. It’s funny how everyone knows this fact and yet continues to do it. Like smoking. Every smoker knows what smoking is doing to his lungs, but he stupidly continues smoking.

On the other side of the coin, when you have reason to rejoice, rejoice to the fullest, and commit the feeling and the circumstance to memory. Then recall and feel the emotions all over again as many times as you want. Feel good! And you’ll get more of it.

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