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The Power of Appreciation

The power of appreciation plays a big part in my preaching about the need to feel good at all times. You can refer to some articles I’ve written in this site as well as in ezinearticles. In it I extol the virtues of feeling good and why it is a necessity if you want to live life to the fullest no matter what state you are in right now. I would even venture to say that to feel good is a responsibility… you owe it to yourself to make your self feel good. Choosing not to is an irresponsible act.
I appreciate you.
Now there’s one thing very much related and ingrained with the feeling of goodness. And it is the power of appreciation. Whatever your situation is right now, you always have choices. Even in situations where you have no other option, internally you always have two choices. To feel bad or to feel good about it. In real life, you might say, there sometimes are instances where there is no reason whatsoever to feel good. Yes, but you still have a choice to either feel really bad (knowing that feeling bad brings you nowhere and only invites more of the feeling) or not. You can always acknowledge the reason for feeling bad, but you don’t have to dwell on it. If there is a reason to feel wrathful, acknowledge the reason to be so angry about, but don’t dwell and prolong the angry feeling. When you are angry, your logical thinking is impaired and there is a tendency to do something stupid which you are bound to regret later. Just look back at the times you have acted on impulse while you are angry. It seemed satisfying at the moment, but really stupid when you think back about it later. Go ahead, feel anger, but then try to cool down and let the anger die down, then think how to resolve the situation. Forget about your psychiatrist’s advice “not to stifle but let the rage burst out to its fullness”. Yes, this is one case that is easier said than done. It takes discipline and lots of effort (especially at the start). Know that you have an option… and it is to find something that you can appreciate in the present situation. When you are able to find a reason to appreciate, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may be, you have found the doorway to feeling good inspite of the engulfing circumstances. The power of appreciation is within your grasp.

The Power of Appreciation 101

Your boss gives you a lashing. I definitely know how this feels. Just bringing one up in mind still effectively makes me bristle in rage and disappointment. Where does the power of appreciation come in here? What is there to appreciate in this situation? One, you have a job! Remember how difficult it is these days to find a job? Try as much as possible to replace the picture of your snarling boss with the picture of you receiving your pay, while several unfortunate souls out there are still struggling to search for a decent job. Had you been one of those unfortunate ones, you would right now be probably saying “Lord, just give me a job. I don’t care even if the boss is a monster”. Hold on to this picture of yourself receiving your pay and being thankful for at least 17 seconds. This 17-second “combustion period” was first preached by Abraham and Esther in their ‘Deliberate Creation’ material. That’s the minimum amount of time for a thought to take hold and take effect. If you can, take it further for another 17 seconds longer. Feel appreciation and gratitude at least within this period. And see what the power of appreciation can do to you.

In most cases, the ‘first times’ are always difficult. However, once you get through the initial stage, you’ll feel a certain power within, because you can control your emotions now. Imagine the surprise (and probably envy) of your co-employees when they see you genuinely smiling and humming a song as you sit back down and proceed with your work after the boss has given you a ‘pile-driver’ talk. You go ahead with a really good day, while your boss scowls miserably throughout the day. Your friends will be asking you to teach them your ‘power of appreciation’ trick.

There is no limit to the power of appreciation. You can take it further by finding something to appreciate about your monster boss himself. He maybe a monster of a boss, but he is an angel-of-a-father to his children. He resembles your own father in this respect. You appreciate your father for being so loving to his children. Now, appreciate your boss for being so loving to his children. Feeling better yet? Find another aspect to appreciate. His wife, his way of dressing, his fondness for smiley buttons, etc. For the power of appreciation, as they say, the possibilites are endless. You can in fact appreciate everything. Remember, the main purpose of the power of appreciation is to make you feel good. If you can appreciate everything, the power of appreciation will fill all the voids leaving no more space for miserable feelings to stick to.

On a regular day, you wake up as usual in the morning, feeling neither bad nor good. Remember what I always say? To make yourself feel good at all times is now a responsibility. How do you initiate the feeling? Pause for a moment and find something to appreciate. Then go ahead, let it kick off and blaze through your day feeling good. Anytime you need extra umph, just push the power of appreciation button.

Yes, this is just a play of thoughts and emotions. But you playing (thus, the one in control) with appreciative thoughts and emotions is definitely better than allowing the unhealthy feelings of misery playing and taking control of you. Who would you want to have total control? Take the power of appreciation and take control.

[ The Power of Appreciation ]

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