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You Should Feel Good All The Time

After reading a lot of self help material, appreciating the concepts of some but never really attempting to do them, practicing some for a time but eventually forgetting about them, etc., I finally realized that the bottom line to all these is to feel good. You feel bad because you don’t have enough money to buy your dream car. When you are able to buy your dream car, you feel good. When you won the latest election, your hunger for power and attention is satisfied and you feel good. Actually, this bottom line is something I picked up from my readings, including that ‘law of attraction’ movie, but only recently did I realize how true it was. And the idea to do away with all that I read and instead just strive to feel good is also not new and unique. Allow me to explain why we need to feel good all the time.

Good feelings radiate out to the universe and the universe dutifully arranges circumstances matching these feelings to come back to you. Dwelling on bad feelings means asking for more of it.

The law of action and reaction

In the east, there is a physical/spiritual law they call “The Law of Karmic Return” or “The Law of Karma“. If you think eastern philosophy is crap and too far out, then just stick with the Christian “As you sow, so shall you reap” principle. If this is still hard to swallow, at least believe in the proven law of physics that states “For every action, there is a corresponding reaction”. Personally, I think the law of karma makes sense. There are a lot of reference materials that would best educate you in these matters in the internet. The basic idea is you get good (or bad) karma for every good (or bad) deed you do or give. Again, what you sow, you reap. At this point, you might already have an idea why we need to feel good all the time.

Our target therefore, in order to receive good karma (e.g. getting richer, having satisfactory love life, maintain good health, win elections, etc.), is to do as much positive deeds (tithe, love, smile, etc.)as possible. Most of us don’t get this very well. Instead of actively creating the opportunities to do good deeds or any action that would elicit a good reaction or karma upon ourselves, we just wait for the opportunities to bump into us. So, while there are no opportunities yet and since we don’t want bad things to come to us, we decide to stay neutral. Or so we think.

A regular day

What you think is a regular neutral day for you may not be that neutral at all. Let us assume the following as your typical day.

  • waking up
    • you start your day with a frown as you complain silently about having to wake up early.
    • you subconsciouly ask, Why am i poor? Had I been rich, I wouldn’t have get up to work this early.
    • “(sigh)…another boring working day.”
    • commuting/driving to work
    • still entertaining the above thoughts.
    • you notice a dirty beggar, and you silently comment “blast these smelly beggars! Why don’t they just…”
  • at work
    • you see your “terror” boss getting out of his car. You greet him good morning but some loose portion at the back of your brain is saying “I hope he trips. I’d laugh the loudest.”
    • a sexy secretary who has legs up to her neck passes by you. Your imagination runs wild.
  • commuting/driving back home
    • you feel bad at your boss for holding you a bit longer when he asked you to submit that report asap.
    • you short circuited your car’s horn as you impatiently urged the car driver in front of you to move. You mentally wished him all sorts
    • of vehicular accidents. You even imagined his garage roof falling on his car.
  • at home
    • you watch the News on TV. The latest murder. Terrorist attacks. Epidemics.
    • You watch a tv series featuring grizzly murders, treachery, etc.
Feelings are the causes, conditions are the effects.

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Why we need to feel good all the time

That’s a fairly neutral day, you’d probably say. You didn’t hurt anyone enough to warrant bad karma. Remember, however, that your thoughts and emotions are vibrations … are things. You are actually contributing more negative vibrations to the collective vibrations of the day. And all entities that vibrate in the lower spectrum are prone to pickup these negativity and act on it, knowingly or not. Thus you are partially responsible for giving him motivation or impulse to do what he would do later. Your complaint “Why am I poor?…” adds strength to the despair of someone out there who is contemplating suicide because of his/her poverty.

Our attempts at practicing the “Law of Attraction” doesn’t work because our seemingly “neutral” day is actually doing more damage than good. How many minutes do we spend doing the Law of Attraction’s “visualizations and emoting exercises“? 30 minutes? Then we go “neutral” for 16 hours or so of our waking hours, thinking we’re generating neutral karma.

Thinking or entertaining thoughts and emotions that are not beneficial is like standing in the middle of a crowded bus and you haven’t taken a bath for 2 weeks. You don’t do anything bad but everybody is inconvenienced. Feeling good and generating healthy thoughts is like being in the same bus and you are wearing a light and sweet perfume that everybody likes. The actual effect is very subtle but far-reaching.

If we can’t do a really good deed, at least feel good. This way, you’re not ‘neutral’. You’re actually doing a good deed, subtly. And you win on both sides of the equation. That is, you feel good already while doing it (action), and you’ll certainly feel good at the expected karmic return (reaction) for it.

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[ You Should Feel Good All The Time ]

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